Sunday, August 21, 2011

KEYIF.... revisited!

Dear readers...

No matter where in the world you are - and based on the stats for my blog.. you are truly all over the world - from Brazil and the USA... to many countries throughout Europe (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, etc.) to of course Turkey, Latvia, Russia, India and Thailand... I HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE ENJOYING the last day of the weekend!

The weather is absolutely lovely in Istanbul... it is in the high 20s (centigrade) here today, there is a nice breeze and very  sunny with not a cloud in the sky right now (even though there were some this morning.. but just the kind that pass through and just complement to the beautiful skyline).

On July 6th... just several days after starting my blog... I had prepared an article titled "Keyif". If you haven't read it, you might want to before reading the rest of this article to understand what I am writing about.

After preparing this article, I had received an email from Elaine Graham... a friend of mine who has been living in Istanbul for a long time with her husband...she wanted to share some of her "keyif" experiences with me.. which I want to now share with you.... Elaine says and I quote...

"About keyif, isn't it amazing how much of Turkish life is formed by this concept. There are so many strands of pleasure that they are now firmly woven into the tapestry of life. However, for me being able to hand over a car when arriving (wherever) and it will be safely - more of less - taken care of. Sipping a glass of chilled and frosted white white on the terrace here in Assos is another different joy. To be up before the sun in the cool of the walled garden here, and hear the gentle sweeping of the gardener's Turkish hand broom as he clears the leaves of the past day. To see my dogs sheer, tongue-dripping joy as we head out for our walk . .. "

I loved what Elaine had written and told her that there would come a time that I would use her quote in my blog!

Having said this... I want to add a couple of my recent "keyif" experiences that I want to share with you...

1) Spending a day in my favorite part of the city - Bebek - a couple of days ago after taking Luka to the vet for a shampoo/dry with our first step at my fave place Lucca ( for a leisurely afternoon where both Luka and I made new friends... then strolling along Cevdetpaşa Street towards the Bosphorus waterfront...

 and then walking back to Bebek and stopping my Mangerie ( for a light dinner - where Luka did his "keyif" and I did mine with a glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful view from Mangerie's terrace!

Just as the sun was setting, we headed on home after a lovely afternoon in Bebek!

2) I woke up this morning FINALLY feeling healthy again after battling a summer cold for the past 14 days! This made me feel in excellent spirits. After our morning walk with Luka... unbelievable maybe BUT ... for the FIRST time since I moved into my apartment in March 2010 (yes over 17 months ago)... I carried a comfy chair out to my balcony (haven't had a chance to purchase furniture for balcony yet) and sat under the sun... enjoyed the view... took a nap and then read the Sunday papers...

After my "keyif" break.. did chores around the house... took a shower... had a late lunch and now I am writing in my blog and then will get to work on my project!

So... what do you you that is "keyif" to you? Would love to get some feeback, so that I can share your experiences with our readers too!


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