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Dear readers,

My vacation to Alaçatı, Çeşme started on July 10th and although I had every intention of returning home to Istanbul this past Wednesday, I extended my vacation 5 days and will be returning home on Monday. Since I work freelance and nothing pending was waiting for me back home and since I am enjoying myself so much with my friends I said "why not!" However, I will definitely "need a vacation from my vacation" to recuperate!

I already wrote about my hotel, the Alaçatı Kapari Hotel and I advise everyone interested in visiting the area to read my blog post if you are looking for a nice place to stay! Then I gave you a couple of tips for dining out - Ferdi Baba and Fogo. I can honestly say that Fogo is my favorite place to hang out in Alaçatı! Only open for 3 weeks, Fogo is "the" most popular restaurant for a fine dining experience and at the same time, is extremely popular for their lively bar scene and excellent music! In fact, besides eating at Fogo twice, I have been visiting the bar almost every night since I arrived! Only one problem in this part of Alaçatı, you can't "dance until the wee hours of the morning": due to local laws, the music has to be turned down to a whisper at around 1:00 am! 

After this post, I will be writing about a few more places that are worth dining at, but first want to give a few recommendations on where to shop in Alaçatı.

There are quite a number of "run of the mill" retailers around the central area of Alaçatı where you can pick up swimsuits, cover-ups, flip flops, bangles etc. However, my recommendations are on the higher end of the spectrum for those who are looking for different gift ideas to take back home or are just in the market for quality attire and accessories to add to their wardrobe.

Our first stop on our mini tour is Atmospheres, a newcomer to Alaçatı this season, but a known name for years in Istanbul and Göltürkbükü, Bodrum...

Atmospheres is located at the entrance to Sakızlıhan, a lovely boutique hotel on Kemalpaşa Street, the main and overcrowded dining/shopping street in Alaçatı! 

Here you can find anything and everything to spruce up your wardrobe! Most of the pieces are unique and/or imported. I'm sure this is something that you will find to your liking that will put a "mini" dent in your budget, but you are worth it, right?

The next few shops I will mention here are located in an up and coming neighborhood called Hacımemiş Mahallesi in Alaçatı... this area is away from the hustle and bustle of Kemalpaşa Street with lovely boutiques and eateries in restored stone houses. 

Our first stop is Village at No. 39 on 2012 Street...

Village is also a newcomer to Alaçatı this season and I'm sure it will be around for a long time! Village is really a cafe and restaurant serving cafe fare during the day and just "meats" in the evening with a very good wine list. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to dine here, but some of my friends did and they were happy with the food and service. What makes this place interesting is that at the back of the beautifully decorated space inside is an area where an assortment of funky and trendy sneakers and sandals are sold!

As you walk up the street turning your head from one side of the street to the other to catch a glimpse at each shop and eatery, a couple of blocks up at No. 19 is Sign in Store...

I literally said "wow" when I walked into this store! Talk about unique (which also translates into expensive, but worth it) items. Besides a selection of clothing, accessories, etc., Sign also carries designer home accessories that are great and different gift ideas for friends and family back home! In fact, they are great accessories to pick up for your own home too!

Our final stop on our tour of Hacimemiş is Sapa...

Also a newcomer to the neighborhood, Sapa is a couple of blocks up from Sign on a corner, once again in a lovely restored stone house. I picked up a lovely silver bracelet to add to my collection and have my eye on the beautiful scarves seen in the picture above. They also sell soaps, pillow cases, clothing, etc., but like the theme of my post - the pieces are all unique and beautifully crafted.

One final note before I end this post so that I can get back to my vacation.. all of these boutiques are open until at least 1:00 am during the high season, so you can shop till you drop!

Happy shopping and I hope you enjoy Alaçatı as much as I do!

Stay well,

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