Monday, June 30, 2014

Sushi "a la" P.F.Chang's; Yum, yum and yummier!

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I don't know about you...but I am a huge fan of sushi! So, when I found out a couple of months ago that P.F.Chang's, my favorite Chinese restaurant was planning on adding sushi to their menu I got very excited...

Sushi service began at P.F. Chang's at the beginning of June and I had a lovely lunch with Fatoş Ertaş Doğan (PR & Marketing Director) to sample some of the goodies this past Friday (June 27) .

I at first thought it was odd that a Chinese restaurant would add sushi to their menu, but there are a few examples of these types of restaurants in Istanbul, but I'm not sure if this is a common practice in other cities around the world, but heck, who cares as long as it is good!

I arrived at the restaurant a little early, so I had time to take a look at the colorful menu with lovely pictures of the sushi and sashimi dishes available.

Compared to a regular Japanese restaurant, the selections are limited - for now, but Fatoş has informed me that the menu will most probably include other selections in the Fall.

Since I am more a fan of sushi versus sashimi and there is just so much you can eat in one seating, I opted to try the sushi maki rolls...

Most importantly, I was very impressed with the quality of all the ingredients (fish, vegetables, rice) and the sauces used. Surprisingly, in some Japanese restaurant the rice is either very spongy or soggy, but here it was just right.

P.F. Chang's sushi menu includes 8 types of maki rolls and each is prepared "a la" P.F. Chang's so the flavors are a little different... but oh so good! I tried 5 of them!

You won't find this maki roll at any other restaurant besides P.F. Chang's because it is prepared with their signature "Dynamite Shrimp" from their Chinese food menu! The roll is stuffed with tuna and hot dynamite sauce and topped with warm dynamite shrimp - heavenly

The Dragon Roll at P.F. Chang's with spicy tuna, avocado, cucumbers and topped with kanikama (surimi) and slivers of very very hot red chili peppers! I cannot begin to tell you how exquisite the combination of flavors are! 

The crunchy ebi is also very tasty and is prepared with shrimp tempura, cucumbers and dynamite sauce - very simple, yet the sauce adds that extra "kick" to the roll.

I always have to have a California roll when I eat sushi which is prepared with kanikama, avocado, cucumbers and sesame seeds... very fresh and delectable!

Last, but not least...

The rainbow roll was absolutely divine as well! It is prepared with tuna, salmon and wrapped with seabass, rice and coated with avocado!

As you can imagine, I thought I would bust after our sushi feast which I had with hot sake (best accompaniment as far as I'm concerned!). The maki rolls are available in portions of 4 or 8 pieces (versus the classic 6) and range in prices from 10 TL to 38 TL for 4-8 pieces. However, the rainbow roll is only available as 8 rolls.

Although I didn't have room to taste the sashimi dishes, I wanted to share a photo from their menu to give you an idea of the selections available...

Also nigiri sashimi and P.F. Chang's style sashimi (salmon, tuna and seabass) are also served and are very thinly sliced pieces of raw fish in a special sauce.

What can I say? I can't wait to go back for more and I'm sure I'll go again in a few days before I go on an extended vacation to the Aegean coast of Turkey next week... I have to have my "fix" of these delectable morsels!

Moreover, P.F. Chang's has a take-away service... but for now, you can call in your order and then have to pick it up yourself, but I'm happy to report that this too will also change starting in the Fall season and delivery service will begin!

Enjoy your meal! Thanks P.F. Chang's I have one more reason to visit your restaurant (not that I need one!)

Nispetiye Caddesi No. 94 Etiler
Tel: (0212) 358 60 60

Stay well,

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