Thursday, July 7, 2011


A little while ago I received an email from the Turkish Cultural Foundation ( and I wanted to share info on this EXCELLENT website with you.

Established in 2000, the TCF is a US tax-exempt public charitable organization and it is totally supported with private donations. They have offices in Boston, Detroit, Istanbul, Sonoma and Washington, DC. Visit their "About Us" section to see all the wonderful work they do.

What really impressed me about this site more than anything else is that it is very easy to follow, the content is clear and concise, the categories are easy to follow and it is very informative. The website is available in English and Turkish.

They have broken up the site into 6 categories:

1) Turkish Cultural Portal
2) Turkish Cuisine Portal
3) Turkish Music Portal
4) People to People
5) News & Events
6) Who's Who

Also... they have a TFC shop where you can purchase books, music, movies, handicrafts, olive oils and soaps and have it delivered to your door. Their main shipments are done in the USA, but as some items are also shipped via Amazon, you can check to see if they deliver to the country you live in.

If you want to expand your general knowledge of Turkish culture and cuisine.. this is definitely the site to visit.

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  1. Hello there.... so happy to see that you have finally gotten the chance to start up your own blog...keep it up, I love it!... It's great..Love M :))